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Top 5 reasons to choose web based training

Monday, April 29th, 2013

You don’t have to engage in web based training. Actually some people insist you don’t even have to invest in training of any kind – web-based or other wise. Why should you invest in training people who only help you achieve your organizational goals? Why would anyone waste time and serious resources to arm their sales people or their front office staff or even their line workers or middle management with the right tools and knowledge resources and inventory to enable them perform at the maximum?

If some of these questions or statements seem rhetorical or painfully obvious, mea culpa to you, however for those that still don’t get the joke or the seriousness of the situation let me elaborate with a few questions. Actually just one question:

“Do you think employee development is important?”

Do? If you do (bravo to you), how do you ensure that your employees or staff are being developed the proper way? What tools do you use to measure your results? How do you document your employee development efforts? Can you justify your decisions to top management?

Enter web based training. This phenomenon is not really new, what is new is adoption or access. A decade or two ago, web based training or computer based training was the exclusive prerogative of large, monied organizations. If you were a small or medium sized company, you simply did not have access to the technology or staff to manage training automation or web-based training systems.

Today, the landscape is changed somewhat, web-based training systems are available to help any organization or any size to cease the technology and incorporate sophisticated training and employee development into their day-to-day activities. So what are the top 5 reasons why organizations choose web based training? Get the answers at eLeaP (