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5 e-learning tips

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Before you take the e-learning or training software plunge, you might want to consider:

  1. Beware of promises – we call this “vaporware”
  2. Align business objectives with vendor’s expertise and track record
  3. Know thy costs – all thy costs
  4. Is the system designed for geeks or grade school?
  5. How is the support?

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The reviews are in .. eLeaP LMS/LCMS is simpliest to use

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Don’t be fooled by our simplicity, eLeaP packs a powerful punch under the hood.

Our users agree “.. eLeaP is simply the most easy to use LMS/LCMS system out there.”

From the signup process to creating your first course through the easy course builder system to creating single or bulk users and assigning quizzes from your library of quiz questions eLeaP makes your life a little bit stress free.

Customize your training portal? Of course. How about interactive features for your users? Rich user features galore.

Are you still doubting our claims? Here is an idea, signup for a free trial account, put eLeaP LMS/LCMS to the test, invite some of your trainees or employees to try eLeaP. If you are satisfied, walk away. No hurt feeling right?

Want to schedule a personal walk-through? Signup for a free demonstration. We are happy to guide you through our system and answer any questions you might have.

Want a self-paced elearning tutorial of our learning management system and learning content management system (lms/lcms system)? Check out our eLeaP tutorials page.

eLeaP is simply the best elearning platform. Its secure, easy to use, full of rich powerful features and its backed by the latest in web technology.

YouTube and You Learn — Leveraging the video sharing networks

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

If you have not heard of YouTube just wait a few more weeks. Its all over the web. YouTube basically allows anyone with a video file to become an instant celebrity. Yes you can broadcast your own silly video to all 3 billion of us. Neat huh? Well in the interest of full disclosure I will confess I am a geek true and true… I can’t get enough of these social network sites: Technorati, Delicious, Orkut, MySpace (believe it or not), but I have to say none of these have quite captivated my attention as the video sharing networks.

YouTube is by the far the most popular and well put together. You create an account, search your computer for your last Christmas video shoot, upload to YouTube invite your friends and voila …. your are your own idol!

But I just could not help feeling let down that such an awesome tool is being filled with “garbage.” Can’t we upload videos of kids learning a new language? Or a certain math teacher going through the finer qualities of algebra? Can’t you invite your friends to join in an elearning group on YouTube?

I bet some creative teachers can find ways to integrate online videos into their courses. Do you get my drift here people? Just because we have some nifty technology does not mean we spend the rest of our days “wasting” opportunities that people in less privileged societies will die for.

How does this in anyway relate to eLeaP? The totally secure online training and learning management platform? eLeaP has made is easy and totally intuitive to embed (integrate) your YouTube videos into your eLeaP platform. Its as simple as getting your YouTube html code and just pasting into your eLeaP HTML editor… believe me its easy…