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Some of the new stuff we added to eLeaP

Friday, January 4th, 2013

We just wanted to take some time to recap a few of the many powerful new features we released in 2012:

  1. We have dramatically refined and simplified the course certificate system. See how the new certificate system works to save you time.
  2. See how the new Feedback system works to save you time.
  3. Self-Enrollment, Max Usage for Promo Codes, SCORM Session time, Auto Re-Assignment (no deadlines).
  4. Use Quiz Grade value in Certificates, & fixed transparent profile image issue.
  5. Do you want to set one of your Instructors as the default contact for your course notifications? See how here.
  6. How to manually set users as completed & filtering courses in the Career Path according to categories.
  7. Re-use certificate templates in new courses.

If you have not, now is the time to get your free account. Go to to get started.


New feature: How to turn off activation/welcome email for new LMS users

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Using the eLeaP Learning Management System API, you can significantly expand the capability of your eLeaP LMS account.  The API is a powerful addition to the standard LMS account. The API enables you perform many functions automatically and remotely in the eLeaP System. For example you can connect your eLeaP LMS account with your HR Information System. You can also automatically create User accounts, assign User Groups to Courses and to Career Paths as well as download completion tracking reports.

A new feature we have added to the API is the ability to turn off the automatic “Welcome” or activation email that is generated when new users are created. This means you can now ‘silently’ create your users in eLeaP and then send your own customized welcome email complete with your user names and passwords and any other information you will like to send.

To learn more about the new API argument see

Look for the new Method:
silent (optional, if set to 1 no welcome/activation email will be sent to user)

For complete LMS API documentation, go to: and see if the API could be a solution for you. Call us 877-624-7226 for free consultation on how the API can enhance and automate your training.

Two new features: Easily set manual completions and filter courses in Career Path

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

eLeaP unveils two new features designed to expand your range of use. As a quick background, eLeaP enables any organization create, track and document training. Using an intuitively easy to use interface coupled with the most comprehensive set of training tools and features, eLeaP customers are able to quickly create or upload content, edit and format material, add quizzes or feedback surveys, launch training and document completion records including issuing certificates of completion and much more.

You will think with all these powerful and useful features, eLeaP will simply rest on its laurels; you will be wrong.

We continue to innovate and push the envelope in order to bring our customers answers to everyday e-learning and corporate training challenges.

One such feature is the option to manually document your training records. With the [Set Completed] feature, you can now set any training for any user as completed. Practical applications of this could be In-Classroom Training; if you have any seminars or other On-the-Job training, you can easily create and assign the course (class) to your users and then use the [Set Completed] tool to document the completion. This will save you significant amounts of time and money.  Since launching this feature the feedback has been overwhelming and positive. See how this feature works at:

Another new feature unveiled is the option to sort or filter Career Path courses according to your own established categories. Let me give you a scenario. Imagine that you have a group of new hires coming online in your organization. As part of your on-boarding process, you want to assign 5 orientation-type courses to this group. You will first create your five courses and add them to the ‘Orientation’ category. Then you create a Career Path perhaps called ‘Welcome to ACME Company’ and add these five courses. Prior to adding in this feature, you will have had to either search by course name or date added in order to identify the right courses to add to your new Career Path. With the new filter by category feature, you can simply select the right category and filter your courses to display only the relevant courses. Adding these courses to your Career Path and assigning the whole package to the users or user group is a breeze.

These are just a few ways eLeaP is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to succeed and make your life better. See what one of our customers had to say..

“The new “Set Complete” feature is fabulous! This will solve so many user issues for me. Thank you!! – Rich Benedict”

Remember, just don’t buy any training system, use eLeaP to create, track and document your e-learning and training. Create your free account at

Announcing: New Feedback system upgrade

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

If you have ever been frustrated about not being able  to easily create and deploy feedback forms or surveys, your voice has been heard. eLeaP has upgraded the Feedback system available free in the LMS to enable you not only set up feedback forms in your courses but also require that the feedback be completed as part of the course credit process.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Create Feedback form
  2. Create Feedback fields
  3. Set Feedback to ‘Required’ and launch.

Learn more at

eLeaP LMS announces full Spanish language roll out – more languages to follow

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The eLeaP Learning Management System (LMS) has added full Spanish language support. Your Spanish language trainings can now be accessed on a Spanish language LMS. Get instant access to online training in Spanish.


New Features Release: LMS Goodies

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

eLeaP has been quietly release new features all year. We are exceedingly proud of this powerful yet easy to use and manage learning management system and training software platform.

I am happy to share some of the new features you will see in your eLeaP account:

  1. One step User Import: You can import users directly into your eLeaP account. Got a special user group you want to set up? Simply upload your list directly to create your user group. Save time and money and get up and running quickly.
  2. Timed lessons: Need to set a minimum time spent on a course or lesson? Use the Advance settings in your eLeaP course manager to easily set or hard code how much time your trainees need to spend viewing your content. Why is this important? California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment training mandates specific minimum time for training. Use eLeaP to become AB 1825 compliant. Create your free account today.
  3. Refined Completion Reports: Drill down and segment your completion reports by specific user groups or profiles. Now you can save time and yet get the full picture of the progress your trainees are making. Easily see training ROI in your eLeaP dashboard. And download this information for further processing if you want.
  4. White Board Control: Do you want to interactivity within your course? Or do you want to turn the White Board interactive system off? Now you control this process. Simply go into your course meta data area and turn this feature on or off.
  5. Collaborative Content Development: Multiple instructors? Want to collaborate on Course development? You can assign a course to multiple instructors for course collaboration and development. Save time and work online.
  6. Full Length Flash Video streaming: Do you have an hour long video? Simply use FLV flash video format to stream your training videos. eLeaP tech support will even work with you to create your FLV video. Ask us how.
  7. Auto Completion Certification: Now you can easily issue completion certificates for your users. Easily create certificate templates and eLeaP will automatically issue successful completions with a downloadable certificate. Save time and save trees! Your own green badge of honor.
  8. Auto Quiz Retakes: Sometimes your users want to retake a quiz because they did not do so well. Well with eLeaP, you can easily set the system to automatically reissue a quiz if minimum score is not met. Think of all the headaches you will be saving your self.
  9. eLeaP eCommerce: Affiliate Marketing module. Make more money using eLeaP to create and sell your courses. The eLeaP affiliate marketing module coupled with our Internet marketing resources will give you additional visibility and marketing reach. This and all new features are free in your eLeaP account.
  10. Forum Enhancements: Access rights to special forums. Easily see forum contributions for each users. Reply to previous quotes. Your forums are now enhance better interactivity.

If you have not had a chance to review eLeaP, don’t wait anymore. Create your LMS account today.

eLeaP 2 – the excitement is palpable

Monday, June 18th, 2007

eLeaP 2 is an exciting roll out of new features and powerful functionality to the eLeaP Learning Management System.

We have new features for all levels of users: Corporate clients, educational institutions, consultants and content providers needing comprehensive e-commerce learning management systems and entrepreneurs looking for additional income streams.

From a slick and elegant new look and tons of custom templates for our users to customize for their own corporate cultures, to real time system notification messages for course or training assignments, completion reports and quiz assessments to a powerful and easy to use user management interface and reporting capabilities.

Do you need e-commerce systems to market your e-learning courses? eLeaP gives you a custom, turnkey solution that is easy to use and cost effective. Simply sign up as an e-commerce and begin rolling out new courses and training modules. Maximize your potential. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Simply keep creating and rolling out courses — the eLeaP system does the rest.

Are you a PEO or an enterprising company or individual? Contact eLeaP to discuss our profitable reseller package.

We are bursting with excitement… but don’t take our word for it .. see what some of our satisfied eLeaP clients have to say about the service and system:


Don thanks
so much for your help. I appreciate all the assistance you
and eLeap have given to KPS. It has been great working with
eLeap to set up our on-line training program. We have company
associates and contractors all over the US who will be able
to take advantage of our new training capabilities. Prior
to this we had to bring trainees into our head office disrupting
their work schedules and incurring significant costs. Now
we can deliver important course material to them 24/7 without
paying a cent for travel costs. They can take our courses
at their home offices or while working on the road. With this
new found capability, we can expand our coursework because
it is so simple to set up and administer.

We look forward to greater company performance
because of the eLeap training platform.

Best Regards,

James Costanza
Manager, Construction Services
Kysor Panel Systems

From Craig Criswell

a doubt, eLeap Software was the best solution I found. I am
now marketing 13 courses with more to come.”

Craig Criswell, President-Internet
Certified Dealer

After using
eLeaP, here is what Toni had to say …

“I found the eLeap Training/Learning
System very easy to use, from entering and formatting the
information, setting up users and entering the test questions.
I am very pleased with the company itself – Don walked me
through it, responded quickly to any questions I had, was
very professional – made it a very pleasant experience. I
would recommend eLeaP to anyone looking for this type of software.”

Toni Garrard
Training Consultant, Listrom & Associates, LLC.

President of Professional
Organization – NBMBAA (Kentucky Chapter)

According to Crawford Owens,
president of the National Black MBA Association (Kentucky
Chapter), “eLeaP™ provides a powerful and simple concept in
designing, deploying and tracking training and learning. The
system is intuitive – putting the fun back in teaching and

>> Take a quick preview of eLeaP Learning Management Systems and see for yourself. Go to

eLeaP – Flash Video Capabilities

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Perhaps you have seen Google Video, or even Youtube or the many video sharing networks springing up all over the place? Flash Video is all the rage for many reasons including better compression, better quality video, wider acceptance and distribution of Flash Players.

What does this mean for company trainers? You can use Flash Video files to display powerful multimedia video training for your employees. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Flash Video is worth probably a million — won’t you agree?

Have you used Flash Video for your trainings? Tell us your experiences? Share some of your videos if you want.

As usual eLeaP is at the forefront of developing cutting edge training tools and capabilities for all your training needs. Let us show you how easy eLeaP makes company trainings. You have a free 15 day trial. What do you have to loose. Try eLeaP today!