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Two new features: Easily set manual completions and filter courses in Career Path

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

eLeaP unveils two new features designed to expand your range of use. As a quick background, eLeaP enables any organization create, track and document training. Using an intuitively easy to use interface coupled with the most comprehensive set of training tools and features, eLeaP customers are able to quickly create or upload content, edit and format material, add quizzes or feedback surveys, launch training and document completion records including issuing certificates of completion and much more.

You will think with all these powerful and useful features, eLeaP will simply rest on its laurels; you will be wrong.

We continue to innovate and push the envelope in order to bring our customers answers to everyday e-learning and corporate training challenges.

One such feature is the option to manually document your training records. With the [Set Completed] feature, you can now set any training for any user as completed. Practical applications of this could be In-Classroom Training; if you have any seminars or other On-the-Job training, you can easily create and assign the course (class) to your users and then use the [Set Completed] tool to document the completion. This will save you significant amounts of time and money.  Since launching this feature the feedback has been overwhelming and positive. See how this feature works at:

Another new feature unveiled is the option to sort or filter Career Path courses according to your own established categories. Let me give you a scenario. Imagine that you have a group of new hires coming online in your organization. As part of your on-boarding process, you want to assign 5 orientation-type courses to this group. You will first create your five courses and add them to the ‘Orientation’ category. Then you create a Career Path perhaps called ‘Welcome to ACME Company’ and add these five courses. Prior to adding in this feature, you will have had to either search by course name or date added in order to identify the right courses to add to your new Career Path. With the new filter by category feature, you can simply select the right category and filter your courses to display only the relevant courses. Adding these courses to your Career Path and assigning the whole package to the users or user group is a breeze.

These are just a few ways eLeaP is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to succeed and make your life better. See what one of our customers had to say..

“The new “Set Complete” feature is fabulous! This will solve so many user issues for me. Thank you!! – Rich Benedict”

Remember, just don’t buy any training system, use eLeaP to create, track and document your e-learning and training. Create your free account at

Announcing: New Feedback system upgrade

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

If you have ever been frustrated about not being able  to easily create and deploy feedback forms or surveys, your voice has been heard. eLeaP has upgraded the Feedback system available free in the LMS to enable you not only set up feedback forms in your courses but also require that the feedback be completed as part of the course credit process.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Create Feedback form
  2. Create Feedback fields
  3. Set Feedback to ‘Required’ and launch.

Learn more at

Exciting new features in eLeaP

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

We have been hard at work. I am excited to introduce some of the new features in the system.

  1. We have increased the number of languages in eLeaP so that you can have the choice of your preferred language: Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and German.
  2. We added an option for your users to ‘hide completed’ courses so they can focus on pertinent, up coming training deadlines.
  3. For users, a quick and easy way to download their training completion records right from their home page. Now all they have to do is to click on “Download Completion Report”.
  4. For Admins, you can easily file employee records by downloading comprehensive individual user records in Excel. Save time and make sure your compliance records are up to date

Other new features:

How to set Non-Completion alerts:

This enables account Admins to set an automatic email notification to email addresses they specify which will indicate which of their users have not completed their assigned course(s) as of the deadline date

This feature is critical if you have any audits or compliance requirements for users to complete their courses and trainings by a specific date. The system sets and monitors the deadline and an email summary is sent to emails the admin sets. This is a great time savor and increases your training and legal compliance needs. Learn more >>

How to set Quiz Retry options:

We have upgraded the eLeaP quiz tool to now include a new feature which prevents users from checking their answers in between retries. For example, you have a multiple choice quiz question which has 2 retry opportunities. Previously, users could simply submit their attempts, make note of the right or wrong quiz answer, and try to use that information to ‘guess’ the right answer in their next attempt. While we don’t believe this behavior is widespread, we at eLeaP are continually working to make sure the integrity of our online training system is maintained and the authenticity of quiz results is enhanced. This upgrade now ensures that users who submit quiz answers during retries are not able to decipher that quiz scoring is till their final submission. Learn more >How to set Feedback as Required:

This feature enables you to set the feedback form as a required component before eLeaP can release a certificate of completion to a user. The feedback form is a survey tool built into your course. To enable feedback, make sure your course details (click ‘edit course details’) indicate Active Feedback as YES

Next, click on [Feedback] within your course and add your feedback forms. Once satisfied with the feedback form questions, click [Advanced Settings] and make sure ‘Require Feedback’ is set to ‘YES’. Once set, eLeaP will then monitor the course completion data to ensure that your users have provided you with feedback by completing the feedback form prior to allowing them download their certificate of completion. If users attempt to download a certificate without providing feedback, eLeaP will remind them to complete the feedback form. Learn more >>

Upgraded Advanced Settings:

We have upgraded the course settings and Advanced settings tabs.

eLeaP LMS announces full Spanish language roll out – more languages to follow

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The eLeaP Learning Management System (LMS) has added full Spanish language support. Your Spanish language trainings can now be accessed on a Spanish language LMS. Get instant access to online training in Spanish.


Workplace Training: 5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Organizations/Professionals

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Training, as a management practice, is often viewed in polarized terms by decision-makers in organizations. On the one hand, it is seen as a panacea for all problems; on the other, it is viewed merely as a cost for the organization in terms of time and money. Certainly, training is a critical consideration that should be evaluated carefully to ensure it achieves its intended purpose. Ignoring training requirements leaves companies and organizations vulnerable to inefficiency, liability and possibly fatal consequences.

Recent Trends:

Five recent developments in employment law including compliance legislation, litigation, personal liability and high cost of training have conspired to make an already difficult situation get even more and less certain. In our 10 + years of serving the workforce development and e-learning technology needs of our clients, we have never seen a more complex, confusing and frankly scary landscape as we are seeing right now – when it comes to corporate compliance documentation.

Some of the most recent dangerous trends facing organizations and professionals like you include:

  1. Overwhelming growth in Employment laws
  2. Increasing Personal Liability of Professionals like you
  3. Increasing Governmental/Legal Fines and Penalties
  4. High Costs of Poor Training
  5. Declining Competitive Advantage
Download the White paper on 5 Dangerous Trends facing organizations and professionals at

Merit Medical selects eLeaP & Google for sales training application -Computerworld

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Merit Medical selects eLeaP & Google for single sign-on sales training e-learning application –

Lincoln Cannon, director of Web systems at Merit, which makes and sells medical devices, was brought in 10 months ago to help the company adopt new technologies. When Google and Telania | eLeaP were selected as the first cloud-based applications to try out, there was some push-back from the IT department which raised concerns about how it would be possible to maintain control of applications, Cannon says.

Read the full story at Computerworld.

Merit Medical selects eLeaP & Google for single sign-on sales training e-learning application –

What makes eLeaP Learning Management System LMS Different?

Friday, October 30th, 2009

I have been asked many times. So what makes eLeaP different? Why did our customers choose us and why should you choose eLeaP LMS?

I thought about several business type responses like: We provide positive return on your e-learning investment, we are scalable and secure and completely easy to use. eLeaP is one of a few LMS to combine course creation with comprehensive user management, tracking and documentation and so on.

But I had an experience with a contact I have been trying to bring in. What became poignantly clear is this:

Most organizations and training companies simply need an assist getting their training and e-learning programs started. They are looking for reliable, professional staff to help them set up their LMS account (hopefully without having to pay through the nose), and then some help uploading their existing content or new content to begin their training program.

Sounds simple right? Not quite. Not all LMS or e-learning software companies are created equal. You see with Telania | eLeaP, we don’t just throw you into the deep end and say “good luck”.

We don’t rest till you are set up and your program is humming along just fine.

We don’t rest when you CALL us (yes CALL us) for free and request help with a feature or something you want to achieve in the system.

We don’t rest when your students, employees, users or staff contact us via phone, fax, email, or live support.

And we gladly and passionately provide the answers to your questions and your requests.

We do this without requiring you to pay anything.

We do this because we love talking and helping our customers. I know its sounds cliche but even though we are a technology company, we are pretty old fashioned when it comes to our customers.

Why do I write all these things for you to see. Because I am sick and tired of other companies giving us all a bad name – I am sick of having to apologize for the awful behavior of some tech and e-learning companies.

We are supposed to be in the business of education. Well lets help our customers educate and quit looking at only sales quotas and quarterly reports!

I welcome your opinion.

Contact me directly:

Don Weobong
Telania, Inc | eLeaP
We’re Here To Help!

Hours: 8AM-8PM ET Mon-Fri & 9-5 Sat.
US Phone: +1 502-291-4650
Live Text Chat:

30 Minute Employee Training Challenge!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Have you been tasked to create employee training? Do you need to deliver your solution like yesterday? eLeaP is throwing down the gauntlet!

Use the eLeaP training software and learning management system to create employee training in less than 30 minutes or its free for 60 days!

The process is very simple:

  1. Create an eLeaP Account: Click here for free account
  2. Build or upload your training courses (use your existing training if you want)
  3. Deploy and track completion certification

Are you up for the challenge? Try the eLeaP 30 Minute Employee Training Challenge today!


Why you should take another look at eLeaP

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Have you been in the e-learning or training market for long? Do you frequently find “over promises” and “under deliveries”?

Take another look at eLeaP Learning and Performance Management System. From easy import tools to get your users into the system to automatic notifications so you don’t have to worry about who gets your training and downloading tracking reports 24/7, eLeaP is the right tool for you.

We designed eLeaP around you, Yes that is correct, it is as intuitive as you, as logical as you and as elegant as you … ok maybe not but its still pretty slick. Take a look.

Let me introduce some of the new features in eLeaP:

  • Complete customization (select your own look and feel, add your own logo)
  • Electronic compliance notification. The system does all the notifications and alerts users about course deadlines. You don’t have to do a thing. Now you can save time and money and actually do some work.
  • Improved Forums and White Board discussion boards. You don’t have to have all the answers… leverage the power of social networks by empowering your users to share best practices and case studies. You have complete control of the White board and Forum features.
  • Improved Account management: Easy User Group creation tools.
  • New: e-Commerce enabled. Create, launch, sell. All in one comprehensive account.
  • Many more powerful features. Try eLeaP today … or at least learn more.

2007 – e Learning Predictions for the New Year

Friday, January 5th, 2007

If you are like most folks, you have written up your New Year’s resolutions and pin them nicely on your mirror or desktop or even in your private journal. Bravo …now here’s a little bit of prediction(s) of my own for the New Year – 2007.

Huge Growth in e learning and Training Budgets

I bet you are thinking we at eLeaP are laughing all the way to the bank .. we not so fast. The reason(s) of this predicted growth in e learning and training budgets can be summed up as follows:

  • Companies and organizations need to manage the complete person (worker). From recruitment, to retention to even retirement, companies are investing in creating a stronger more robust and cross functional workforce. What system is better suited to increasing knowledge acquisition, retention and distribution than an e-learning system and talent management system?
  • Folks the economy is growing (yes there’s a soft landing and stuff) but the US economy is set to pick up team again in 2007. So get ready to hire and train more workers or employees.
  • My personal favorite is the extreme talent shortage that is going to hit most of the developed and developing economies. If there is shortage is employee talent, how does one reverse talent loss or shortage? Use e learning and training and leverage the efficiencies of flexible and personalized learning and training. And its cheaper that traditional forms of training.