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e-Learning Spending is On the Rise

Monday, September 17th, 2007

According to a report by Global Industry Analysts Inc., “eLearning: A Global Strategic Business Report,” e-learning is on the rise, and demand for it is expected to exceed $52.6 billion by 2010 worldwide.

Additionally, the study said e-learning solutions are being incorporated in a large variety of informational and training applications at many corporations.

E-learning is now the method companies use second-most often to deploy learning and development, according to the study.

More and more products are available from various content, service and technology providers, but interoperability has been a challenge — the study said a lack of interoperable standards has the potential to stunt the growth, which might have started already.

The study also found the U.S. e-learning market is the world’s largest, as its 2007 revenues are expected to exceed $17.5 billion. Further, the U.S. corporate e-learning market share is more than 60 percent. Read more …