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2007 – e Learning Predictions for the New Year

Friday, January 5th, 2007

If you are like most folks, you have written up your New Year’s resolutions and pin them nicely on your mirror or desktop or even in your private journal. Bravo …now here’s a little bit of prediction(s) of my own for the New Year – 2007.

Huge Growth in e learning and Training Budgets

I bet you are thinking we at eLeaP are laughing all the way to the bank .. we not so fast. The reason(s) of this predicted growth in e learning and training budgets can be summed up as follows:

  • Companies and organizations need to manage the complete person (worker). From recruitment, to retention to even retirement, companies are investing in creating a stronger more robust and cross functional workforce. What system is better suited to increasing knowledge acquisition, retention and distribution than an e-learning system and talent management system?
  • Folks the economy is growing (yes there’s a soft landing and stuff) but the US economy is set to pick up team again in 2007. So get ready to hire and train more workers or employees.
  • My personal favorite is the extreme talent shortage that is going to hit most of the developed and developing economies. If there is shortage is employee talent, how does one reverse talent loss or shortage? Use e learning and training and leverage the efficiencies of flexible and personalized learning and training. And its cheaper that traditional forms of training.