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eLearning Fun – Use Youtube to make eLearning Fun again

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Full disclosure: my company eLeaP provides an easy to use, comprehensive eLearning Management Platform.

My comments are not necessarily addressed to the techno wiz kids who come up with the best learning management systems or online learning solutions … my comments to anybody who is interested in putting the fun back into elearning and web-based training. Yes I know …. we live in the 24 hour news cycle and production lines. We need to push out learning courses at will. We need to have a system to allow us post new product specs, competitive analysis, sales presentations etc. Believe me I understand that … I will be out of business if all of these things did not happen.

BUT and a BIG BUT, are we really doing this for our company objectives of saving money and moving new hires or employees through the assembly line training system (whether we are actually imparting knowledge or not), or even satisfying the training department’s innate need to justify budgets? If I have offended anyone, I apologize. I am trying to make a point.

My Point: Make eLearning Fun. Use Simple but creative learning objects to make eLearning and Web-based training enjoyable and fun again!

How? Take a silly video of yourself, slap it into YouTube, and import it into your training course. After all if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is definitely worth a heck of a lot more!

How? Use interactive elearning management system (LMS) features such as forums and Whiteboards to engage in informal and blended learning. You will be surprised at the wealth of knowledge and information that is bottled up in people’s heads ….waiting to be unleashed.

How? How about simple cartons, jokes, and humor to liven up your elearning courses.

How? Ask for feedback from your course takers or users. They will tell you exactly what “floats their boats”. Use that info in your next course development.

How? Shameless plug coming up: Talk to Don at eLeaP. You will amazed at how easy you can implement all of the above using eLeaP Learning Management Platform.


e-Learning and the web 2.0 workplace

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

I have had the privilege of engaging in discussions on e-learning and workplace e-learning programs with so many business people, owners of companies, professionals, and regular employees.

Some of the common questions I get include:

  • How do I justify the expense of training employees if they will just up and leave?

>> Answer: While I see the obvious business case for keeping overheads down and doing more with less, I think the issue of not training employees wrecks more havoc on the competitive advantage any company possesses. Imagine having to compete in a global world, where your services are pitted against those of local, regional, national and now international competitors. Well you can stop imagining. This is the current scope of the competitive landscape. In short, you need a system that automates and leverages some of the advantages of elearning and SCORM objectives. Elearning using a system such as eLeaP allows you to create content courses once and having the ability to reuse the same elearning courses over and over again. You can do this with eLeaP because you can manage users – adding and deleting users at will.

  • How do I choose the best eLearning solution?

>> Answer: Simple. Look for a system that is simple, robust, scalable and secure. You will not want to spend your valuable time trying to learn how to use an learning management system. You don’t want your staff to spend hard earned work hours stuck in system that keeps breaking down. And last but not least you need an elearning management system that will grow with your company. Need more info: check out this page on elearning system.

  • I am not sure if e-Learning is the right solution for my workplace. Are my workers ready for web-based learning and training?

>> Answer: Change can be disruptive. Change needs to be planned for and executed in phases. Yes I can understand the trepidation in certain companies or organizations. But you have to remember, they said that about the Internet .. that it was just a passing fad and will fade away. They said the same thing about using Email for communications … My point is why don’t you place your company on the cutting edge of technology. e-Learning might be new but the medium is not… That is why elearning companies that give you a chance to try their systems should be given your business. Try eLeaP free for 15 days. See how you and your staff like the learning management system. Try it with a select group of early adopters in your organization. But what ever you do, try some variant of elearning because it is here to stay .. just like the Internet or Email. Still not comfortable with eLearning, talk to Don over at the eLeaP Learning Management Systems company.