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A typical online demonstration

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

I thought this would make for a neat entry. Doing online demonstrations of eLeaP LMS/LCMS presents us with the greatest opportunity to get clean unvarnished feedback, criticisms and accolades.

Here is is a typical demonstration:

Me: Have you been able to successfully log into our online demo interface?

Prospect: Yes. It was rather easy. I had to load this small program on my browser, add my name and here I am.

Me: Good. Well lets get started … First a little bit of background on eLeaP and our company. Started with a simple but powerful idea… Give companies the tools they need to enhance the quality of their workforce. Give flexibility, scalability, simplicity and security.

Prospect: Sounds interesting. I like simplicity and security

Me: Note to self (make sure marketing copy stresses simplicity and security). Ok simply go to your unique URL (in this case we will use, click the “login” link, enter your user name and password and access your eLeaP user account.

Prospect: Huuum… so I get my own unique URL. Can I email this to my employees or trainees?

Me: Well yes you can. In fact, you can create a simple web link from your website to your secure eLeaP account URL. Do you have any more questions about the log in process?

Prospect: Nope, keep going.

Me: Ok thanks. Once you login the system detects your profile and automatically places your assigned courses on your welcome page. By the way, you as the company administrator can edit the welcome page and also brand eLeaP with your own logo and text.

Prospect: Wow, can you show me. I mean do I have to learn how to program to do this?

Me: I can show you and no you don’t need any programming skills. Simply click [My Account] and then [Company Profile] and simply type in your text and upload your logo to customize your training system. Let me demonstrate ..
Prospect: I like this system already. It really is simple to use.

Me: Thanks. Lets go through a course we created. I am going to access one of my assigned courses as your end-user would. Here we go…This is a course about “Creating Lasting Family Connections” courtesy of COPES, Inc. Lets see how easy it is to navigate this course and access all the features of the course .. such as glossary, FAQ’s, Web resources, White Boards, Feedback Forms, My Stuff for personal portfolio building.

Prospect: Wow. This is neat. But how easy is it to create a course such as this?

Me: Glad you asked. Here we go, click on [Courses] then [Add Course]. Simply complete the course meta data information and submit and you will launched into our Content Management Interface. Simply add course chapters and lessons, click details to add course content to your lessons. Do you have multimedia files? Simply use the Flash file upload feature or the Media file upload button to add flash video files or Mpg or even PodCasts..

Prospect: Can I attach files to my courses?

Me: Why yes. Click on the [Upload file] button, navigate and upload your file.

Prospect: This is simple. This is simple. I can’t believe how simple it is.

Me: We invested serious resources in creating a system that truly makes the task of creating online trainings easy and fun. Join us next time for the second part of this demonstration.

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