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Multi-Sourcing eLearning – Inhouse or Outsource?

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Companies in today’s breakneck competitive landscape have to continually reevaluate their cost centers – seeking the almighty positive ROI. And you know training and development being a soft, sometimes unquantifiable corporate budget item, needs the justification (ironically) to continue getting funding. If the big wigs decide there will be some cost cutting, well training & development are disproportionate targeted. Would you agree? Give us your opinion at the e-Learning Place.

So giving this hard reality, does outsourcing make sense? Should every company look to outside, specialized organizations and outfits for their training needs? Where should one draw the line? Is it content outsourcing (using off-the-shelf) training courses? How about the learning management system or in the case of eLeaP – learning management platform. What should a company look for in undertaking a successful learning/training outsourcing?

  • Established track record – the company you go with should have an established track record. Of course give new companies an opportunity to prove their worth. You might be surprised at the deals you can get.
  • Supporting Cast – Is the training/learning management a complete outfit? Do they have a telephone number? How about a support and online ticketing system? Can you reach then when you need to? How about support for additional components you might need. Do they charge an arm & a leg for updates or maintenance? Beware of those contracts?
  • Security – How secure is the company’s system(s)? – Are you concerned about your trade secrets leaking out onto the Internet? Do they have a secure server or it is just password protection and that’s it?
  • Cost – It seems like an obvious but you have to look at savings? What does your traditional company trainings cost you? How much are you looking to save from using an outsourced partner? What additional cost (hidden) might exists?

So what can you outsource?

  • Content – Get ready made training content. See if you can customize?
  • Learning Management Systems (technology) – Do you want to build it in-house or use an already existing system like eLeaP. Also virtual classrooms
  • Help Center – Outsource your helpdesk or online help system.
  • Your entire training function – Balance the risks & rewards.

Closing thought – There are several companies that will give you a free trial of their systems. Use these opportunities to evaluate the potential partners.


Donatus Weobong

YouTube and You Learn — Leveraging the video sharing networks

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

If you have not heard of YouTube just wait a few more weeks. Its all over the web. YouTube basically allows anyone with a video file to become an instant celebrity. Yes you can broadcast your own silly video to all 3 billion of us. Neat huh? Well in the interest of full disclosure I will confess I am a geek true and true… I can’t get enough of these social network sites: Technorati, Delicious, Orkut, MySpace (believe it or not), but I have to say none of these have quite captivated my attention as the video sharing networks.

YouTube is by the far the most popular and well put together. You create an account, search your computer for your last Christmas video shoot, upload to YouTube invite your friends and voila …. your are your own idol!

But I just could not help feeling let down that such an awesome tool is being filled with “garbage.” Can’t we upload videos of kids learning a new language? Or a certain math teacher going through the finer qualities of algebra? Can’t you invite your friends to join in an elearning group on YouTube?

I bet some creative teachers can find ways to integrate online videos into their courses. Do you get my drift here people? Just because we have some nifty technology does not mean we spend the rest of our days “wasting” opportunities that people in less privileged societies will die for.

How does this in anyway relate to eLeaP? The totally secure online training and learning management platform? eLeaP has made is easy and totally intuitive to embed (integrate) your YouTube videos into your eLeaP platform. Its as simple as getting your YouTube html code and just pasting into your eLeaP HTML editor… believe me its easy…

eLeaP – Flash Video Capabilities

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Perhaps you have seen Google Video, or even Youtube or the many video sharing networks springing up all over the place? Flash Video is all the rage for many reasons including better compression, better quality video, wider acceptance and distribution of Flash Players.

What does this mean for company trainers? You can use Flash Video files to display powerful multimedia video training for your employees. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Flash Video is worth probably a million — won’t you agree?

Have you used Flash Video for your trainings? Tell us your experiences? Share some of your videos if you want.

As usual eLeaP is at the forefront of developing cutting edge training tools and capabilities for all your training needs. Let us show you how easy eLeaP makes company trainings. You have a free 15 day trial. What do you have to loose. Try eLeaP today!

COPES, Inc. – National Substance Abuse Training Company is Using eLeaP

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

COPES, Inc. ( – a leading National Substance Abuse & Chemical Dependency Training Company has signed on to use eLeaP to deliver targeted, rich multimedia training to its nationwide training audience.

eLeaP is excited to be a part of this critical service to our communities. We look forward to serving the training needs in the profit and non-profit world. Contact eLeaP at or call 877-624-7226 to start a free trial of this powerful, secure and easy to use web training platform.