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Exciting new features in eLeaP

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

We have been hard at work. I am excited to introduce some of the new features in the system.

  1. We have increased the number of languages in eLeaP so that you can have the choice of your preferred language: Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and German.
  2. We added an option for your users to ‘hide completed’ courses so they can focus on pertinent, up coming training deadlines.
  3. For users, a quick and easy way to download their training completion records right from their home page. Now all they have to do is to click on “Download Completion Report”.
  4. For Admins, you can easily file employee records by downloading comprehensive individual user records in Excel. Save time and make sure your compliance records are up to date

Other new features:

How to set Non-Completion alerts:

This enables account Admins to set an automatic email notification to email addresses they specify which will indicate which of their users have not completed their assigned course(s) as of the deadline date

This feature is critical if you have any audits or compliance requirements for users to complete their courses and trainings by a specific date. The system sets and monitors the deadline and an email summary is sent to emails the admin sets. This is a great time savor and increases your training and legal compliance needs. Learn more >>

How to set Quiz Retry options:

We have upgraded the eLeaP quiz tool to now include a new feature which prevents users from checking their answers in between retries. For example, you have a multiple choice quiz question which has 2 retry opportunities. Previously, users could simply submit their attempts, make note of the right or wrong quiz answer, and try to use that information to ‘guess’ the right answer in their next attempt. While we don’t believe this behavior is widespread, we at eLeaP are continually working to make sure the integrity of our online training system is maintained and the authenticity of quiz results is enhanced. This upgrade now ensures that users who submit quiz answers during retries are not able to decipher that quiz scoring is till their final submission. Learn more >How to set Feedback as Required:

This feature enables you to set the feedback form as a required component before eLeaP can release a certificate of completion to a user. The feedback form is a survey tool built into your course. To enable feedback, make sure your course details (click ‘edit course details’) indicate Active Feedback as YES

Next, click on [Feedback] within your course and add your feedback forms. Once satisfied with the feedback form questions, click [Advanced Settings] and make sure ‘Require Feedback’ is set to ‘YES’. Once set, eLeaP will then monitor the course completion data to ensure that your users have provided you with feedback by completing the feedback form prior to allowing them download their certificate of completion. If users attempt to download a certificate without providing feedback, eLeaP will remind them to complete the feedback form. Learn more >>

Upgraded Advanced Settings:

We have upgraded the course settings and Advanced settings tabs.

New Features Release: LMS Goodies

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

eLeaP has been quietly release new features all year. We are exceedingly proud of this powerful yet easy to use and manage learning management system and training software platform.

I am happy to share some of the new features you will see in your eLeaP account:

  1. One step User Import: You can import users directly into your eLeaP account. Got a special user group you want to set up? Simply upload your list directly to create your user group. Save time and money and get up and running quickly.
  2. Timed lessons: Need to set a minimum time spent on a course or lesson? Use the Advance settings in your eLeaP course manager to easily set or hard code how much time your trainees need to spend viewing your content. Why is this important? California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment training mandates specific minimum time for training. Use eLeaP to become AB 1825 compliant. Create your free account today.
  3. Refined Completion Reports: Drill down and segment your completion reports by specific user groups or profiles. Now you can save time and yet get the full picture of the progress your trainees are making. Easily see training ROI in your eLeaP dashboard. And download this information for further processing if you want.
  4. White Board Control: Do you want to interactivity within your course? Or do you want to turn the White Board interactive system off? Now you control this process. Simply go into your course meta data area and turn this feature on or off.
  5. Collaborative Content Development: Multiple instructors? Want to collaborate on Course development? You can assign a course to multiple instructors for course collaboration and development. Save time and work online.
  6. Full Length Flash Video streaming: Do you have an hour long video? Simply use FLV flash video format to stream your training videos. eLeaP tech support will even work with you to create your FLV video. Ask us how.
  7. Auto Completion Certification: Now you can easily issue completion certificates for your users. Easily create certificate templates and eLeaP will automatically issue successful completions with a downloadable certificate. Save time and save trees! Your own green badge of honor.
  8. Auto Quiz Retakes: Sometimes your users want to retake a quiz because they did not do so well. Well with eLeaP, you can easily set the system to automatically reissue a quiz if minimum score is not met. Think of all the headaches you will be saving your self.
  9. eLeaP eCommerce: Affiliate Marketing module. Make more money using eLeaP to create and sell your courses. The eLeaP affiliate marketing module coupled with our Internet marketing resources will give you additional visibility and marketing reach. This and all new features are free in your eLeaP account.
  10. Forum Enhancements: Access rights to special forums. Easily see forum contributions for each users. Reply to previous quotes. Your forums are now enhance better interactivity.

If you have not had a chance to review eLeaP, don’t wait anymore. Create your LMS account today.